About Us

Michael Latimer

Owner, Head Mechanic, Caffeine Addict

You could say that sports and customer service is in his blood. Working from the age of fifteen in his parents sports store (Summerland Sports) on Saturday mornings. Michael then studied Applied Science at Southern Cross University until he chose to go into retail full-time, eventually managing the Lismore sports store. Once Summerland Sports expanded to Ballina (at first in the very same location as Transition Cycles is today) the move was eventually made for Michael to manage the Ballina store instead. After six years in Ballina helping other locals with their many sporting endeavours he and his wife decided to open Transition Cycles.

Cycling is now what he eats, sleeps and breathes. Michael has a passion for perfection and an almost unhealthy need to see his customers happy.

Ros Latimer

Owner, Customer Service, Tri-Angel

The little dynamo of Transition Cycles. Ros is a born and bred local, Ballina High girl, Surf Lifesaver and also student of Applied Science at Southern Cross University (where she met Michael). Having worked in her families small business and at Summerland Sports for many years she knows how to achieve customer satisfaction.

Ros has an infectious personality, positive energy and extensive knowledge of all things cycling.

Jo (JoJo) King

Customer Service, Tri-Angel, Electra NUT!

If you couldn't already tell from the picture, this is Ros's sister. Jo has, what some might say, is an over-the-top personality....but we think she's just right! If you can't tell Jo loves bikes, you are deaf AND blind!

Jo has worked in small business and customer service....the bubbly face at Coffee Club in Lismore Square for years...hold on, a cyclist who is a barrista?!? Whodathunk?!?

Come and meet the unforgettable JoJo.... get excited, get fantastic service and get a bike you'll love!